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COTs / GOTs Integrations

One of the key challenges facing large organizations is the integration, coordination, and sharing of information among their disparate Service Desks. This occurs when the individual departments procure ITSM tools separately and tailor them to support their Service Desk processes.


However, the effective maintenance of those model is extremely susceptible to re-orgs, mergers, and lien of business re-alignment seeking to enhance efficiency, improve effectiveness, and incur savings.


While a corporate-wide Service Desk with a single ITSM tool suite remains an option, it is often a "bridge too far" as this becomes a massive undertaking, laden with its own set of costs and risks.

Online Monitoring


Our approach is to integrate each tool in a point-to-point fashion. We have extensive experience working with the differing ITSM tool suite APIs. This API knowledge combined with past experience developing a point-to-multi-point ticket brokering solution makes Savli Group, a SilverEdge Company, an industry expert in ticket exchange integrations.


  • Savli Group, a SilverEdge Company, can integrate with any system with an API

  • We are experienced with integrations involving legacy ITSM tools (such as Service Manager, Remedy, and JIRA)



  • ITSM

  • ITOM

  • SPM (formerly ITBM)

  • Now Platform

  • Custom Applications

Choose Savli Group, a SilverEdge Company

We have assembled a complete suite of services from which we can provide the optimum combination specifically tailored to fit your business requirements. Savli Group, a SilverEdge Company, offers consultants and implementers from all our practices to help you implement the best possible business-driven solution.

Whatever your business objective, we will ensure that your IT organization delivers for your business!

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